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Using our Wage Sheets you can check the EBA wage rates for different work classifcations. You can also download Allowances documents.
If you still have questions you can Contact Us.

All of our RDO calendars are online. You can save them to your device's calendar, download and print them. You can find them here.
There is also a CFMEU Victoria RDO app for iPhone and Android (Google) phones, you can find the links to download here.
If you still have questions about your RDO's, contact us.

This document summarises the allowances granted under the award. Allowances specific to your work type can be found on the respective wage sheets here.
If you can't see what you need, or you're not sure if you're eligable for certain allowances, feel free to contact us.

An Industry fund that administers the portable long service leave scheme for workers in the construction industry in Victoria, Australia. You can check out their website here.

An Industry fund that administers redundancy funds, portable sick leave schemes, income protection and trauma schemes for workers in the Victorian commercial building and construction industry. You can check out their website here.

As per the Superannuation Guarantee & clause 31 of the current EBA, the rate is currently set at 9.5% of ordinary time earnings or $205 per week (whichever is higher) and increases on the first of July each year ($215 per week at 1/7/18).

You can contact CBUS on 1300 361 784 for further information.

As per clause 36 of the Award, an employee, other than a casual employee, shall be entitled to not work on public holidays without deduction of ordinary pay. If you agree to work a public holiday (it’s not a lockdown or your job has dispensation) you are entitled to double time and a half. If you don’t think you are receiving the correct pay for public holidays or if you need more information, contact the office.

As per clause 39 of the current EBA. New employees (other than casuals) accrue sick leave days at a rate of one day per month at the beginning of each of the first ten months of employment. After ten months of employment, 10 days are added to the employee’s entitlement on each anniversary of the employee’s engagement.

As per clause 38.1 of the current EBA; Employees (other than casuals) will accrue annual leave entitlements at the rate of four weeks (20 Days) per year of continuous service.