Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


What is RPL?

Students who have completed formal training or who have relevant life/work experience, and think this may meet the outcomes of a course of training, may seek recognition of their prior learning.

What do I need to do to support my RPL application?

You will need to complete the CFMEU Education and Training Unit RPL application form and present evidence of your skills and knowledge relevant to the unit(s) you are seeking RPL for.

What are examples of evidence?

Your RPL assessor needs verification that you have the skills and knowledge you claim you have.  Just telling us you’ve done something or know something isn’t enough.  It’s up to you to provide evidence of your knowledge and skills. Your evidence needs to be current , sufficient and authentic.

The following are examples of evidence that may help you put together your RPL application:

  1. Originals or certified copies of any certificates gained and/or training attended
  2. A current copy of your resume.
  3. Letter/s from relevant supervisors/ employers describing the work you have done and the period in which you worked for the company/ies.
  4. Job descriptions.

What is an RPL Interview?

Your application and supporting evidence will be assessed by an RPL assessor. In most cases you will be required to attend an interview to discuss aspects of your evidence. Your RPL assessor may need clarification or may need to ask you further questions in areas where the evidence is insufficient or there are concerns about how current your knowledge and skills are.   At the end of this process your RPL assessor will advise you if RPL has been granted or whether further gaps training is needed.  

Further training will be advised if you cannot provide enough evidence to meet the outcomes of the course for which you are seeking RPL, or there are concerns that your knowledge and skills are not current.