Complaints and Appeals



This document outlines the policy and procedure for managing and responding to complaints and appeals against the CFMEU Education and Training. It endeavours to ensure a consistent and transparent approach that prioritises fair, reasonable and timely resolution.


This policy and procedure extends to complaints made against the RTO (CFMEU Education and Training) including:

  • its trainers, assessors or other staff
  • any third parties providing services on the RTO’s behalf and
  • students enrolled at the RTO.

The scope of this policy and procedure also includes appeals against assessment decisions made by the RTO, or third parties providing services on behalf of the RTO.

Complaints and Appeals Policy

The CFMEU – Education and Training is committed to providing quality education and training services and recognises that adherence to the VET Quality Framework is fundamental to achieving this goal.

The RTO aims to respond to feedback promptly and resolve complaints and appeals as they arise in an informal manner.

To that end, a complaint should initially be discussed by the student with their trainer or in the case of an administrative issue, with the officer concerned. Every endeavour should be made to resolve the matter at the informal stage.

Where the parties involved are unable to successfully resolve the matter directly, a formal complaint or appeal may be lodged with the RTO.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Where informal processes are unsuccessful, the following steps are adopted.

  1. Complainants/appellants complete the CFMEU Complaint and Appeals Form
  2. The CFMEU acknowledges receipt of complaints and appeals in writing and advises of the next step and anticipated time frame for resolution of the complaint or appeal.
  3. The CFMEU ideally endeavours to investigate and resolve formal complaints within 21 days of lodgement.
  4. Where the CFMEU considers more than 60 days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal, the complainant or appellant will be advised in writing why more than 60 days are required to resolve the matter. This may apply to complex matters or where parties involved may be unavailable.
  5. Where internal mechanisms fail to satisfactorily resolve the complaint or appeal, the CFMEU will provide for an independent review upon the request of the individual lodging the complaint.
  6. If a complaint falls outside the scope of the RTO, the RTO Manager will inform the complainant and refer them to the most appropriate body if applicable.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure General Principles

  1. Anyone subject to a decision by the RTO, or who has allegations made against them, has a right of reply before a decision is made (as per principles of natural justice and procedural fairness).
  2. Each complainant or party lodging an appeal may be accompanied and/or assisted by a support person during the process.
  3. The decision-maker is independent of the decision being reviewed (in the case of assessment appeals).
  4. Complaints and appeals are confidential.
  5. Outcomes of formal complaints and appeals are documented in the CFMEU Complaints and Appeals Register.
  6. The CFMEU Education and Training will use feedback derived from complaints and appeals outcomes to support the continuous improvement of its operations where practicable.


Download Complaints and Appeals Form