UPDATE: Joe vs the ABCC

Published: 20 Feb 2019

We did it! Together more than 1000 unionists raised $44,000 since Friday, enough to cover Joe's unfair and unprecedented personal fine.
But the fight isn't over. We know that the Liberals and their mates at the ABCC aren't going to stop here. If they can get away with targeting individual CFMEU organisers, they're going to try it with other unions as well. We can't let them get away with this.

Together we've raised enough to help Joe pay his fine, but the next step is to change the rules and make sure no worker can ever be treated like a criminal for standing up for health and safety again.


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The ABCC (Australian Building and Construction Commission) is Scott Morrison and the Liberals' attack dog, deliberately set up to harass, intimidate and bully workers and their unions. It makes worksites less safe and puts constructions workers' lives at risk.

Now the ABCC is trying to silence workers and unions by threatening us with massive fines - just for doing our jobs.

Millions of dollars of taxpayer money are going towards the ABCC and the Liberals' anti-worker, anti-union agenda. Make no mistake - the Liberals are using the construction industry as a test for the ABCC, and want to use it as a model for other industries.


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In solidarity,

Moira and Ted
Megaphone team