Secure Jobs for All

Published: 29 Jul 2021

The Building Industry Group of Unions (BIG) today resolves to place its full support behind the Maritime Union of Australia’s campaign for better wages and decent conditions at Svitzer.

Svitzer, owned by shipping multinational Maersk, has not bargained in good faith, backflipped on agreements reached in principle and threatened to sack union workers.

Svitzer, which operates tugs across Victoria’s ports, last year sacked 18 Victorian seafarers and replaced them with fly-in-fly-out tug operators just before Christmas. Now the company is attempting to undermine and divide workers at the Port of Melbourne.

Victoria has a strong tradition of maritime jobs, providing good work conditions. Our sisters and brothers at the maritime union have always been the heart of Victoria’s workplace solidarity.

That is why today, the Building Industry Group of Unions, representing tens of thousands of workers across construction, plumbing, manufacturing, and electrical trades, resolve to join in solidarity with MUA members at Svitzer and militantly campaign against this example of multinational greed.

We call on every Victorian union to do the same.

The COVID pandemic has shown us the importance of secure, stable employment with proper conditions, and the ACTU has called for 2 million new secure jobs - the fight starts here with Svitzer.

Australian workers cannot stand back and watch as conditions, safety and livelihoods are attacked once again by multinational greed and the big end of town. There is only one way to stem the tide –  organise together, fight back and win.

Australian workers are encouraged to support the campaign nationally by attending upcoming rallies and joining the industrial campaign across Australia. Updates and details will be posted on social media.

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