OHS Alert: Concrete Pumping

Published: 1 Jun 2021


Concrete Pumping

The tragic and shocking fatality of a 41 year old Victorian construction worker on Monday May 17th 2021, has once again brought back into sharp focus just how dangerous and hazardous our industry can be.

The worker was fatally crushed, when the mast of the concrete pump he was operating collapsed on him.


This Alert is to highlight some of the basic fundamentals that must be adhered to if we are to prevent such a tragic and shocking occurrence from happening again:

  • All concrete pumping equipment needs to comply with AS 2550.15 2019: Concrete Placing Equipment.
  • Ensure all Concrete Pumps have undergone an Inspection and Maintence regime as per AS 2550.15 2019: Concrete Placing Equipment.
  • As per the Victorian Concrete Pumping Industry Standard, ensure the pump operator is trained and competent in:
  • The use of the operator’s manual and/or instructions;
  • Carrying out the daily operational inspections &
  • Maintaining the logbook.
  • The pumping contactor must also ensure the pumping equipment carries a copy of the manufacturer’s operator’s manual and maintence logbook and records as per Victorian Concrete Pumping Industry Standard.
  • Identify all areas where visible wear has taken place which may result in failure or breakdown of the equipment during operation.  As per AS 2550.15, 2019: Concrete Placing Equipment, the inspection also needs to identify any areas that may require dismantling for a more detailed and thorough inspection and examination of ‘out of sight’ components such as king-pins, sleeves and the like.  Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) should be undertaken on all critical components as directed by a competent person.


All Periodic Inspections shall be conducted as per AS 2550.15 2019: Concrete Placing Equipment (see below):

  • Equipment up to five (5) years old shall be inspected once every 1000 operating hours, but not less than once a year.
  • Equipment from five (5) years old up to ten (10) years old shall be inspected once every 500 operating hours, but not less than once a year.
  • Equipment more than ten (10) years old shall be inspected once every 250 operating hours, but not less than once a year.
  • A concrete placing boom which has been re-mounted onto another vehicle (carrier) shall have a stability test performed and recorded in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements prior to use.
  • The equipment is not designed or built in accordance with known standards.
  • The equipment has sustained major structural damage.
  • The equipment has been modified from the manufacturers design and/or specification and no evidence can be provided to verify its suitability for continued safe operation.
  • The equipment has made contact with overhead powerlines and/or arcing has occurred. Particular attention needs to be paid to any damage to tyres (e.g. pyrolysis).


Further to all of the above, when it comes to operating and staffing levels on any concrete pump, the Concrete Pump operator must never be allowed to carry out the task of the line hand - located at the end of the concrete delivery line.


The concrete pump operator must remain in control of the equipment at all times, to ensure appropriate action can be taken when a risk arises e.g. promptly stopping the pump in the event of a blockage or leakage.



For further advice and/or information contact the CFMEU on 9341 3444.


To download this OHS Notice click here