Deadly Silicosis and the new silica dust standard

Published: 11 Sep 2018

Dr Ryan Hoy, Respiratory and Sleep Disorders Physician at Cabrini Medical Centre, talks to CFMEU Health and Safety Reps and other guests about Silicosis, Lung Cancer and the dangers of silica dust.

Silica dust is so fine it can enter the deepest parts of the lungs. Silica dust remains in the lungs and causes irreversible scarring. Exposure to silica dust can lead to fatal diseases including silicosis and lung cancer. There is no known cure for silicosis – it can be a death sentence.

Victorian Trades Hall launched a new safety standard on silica:

EXPOSURE STANDARD: 0.025mg/m3 as an 8hr TWA

Employers must not expose workers to respirable silica dust at or above 0.025mg/m3 as an 8 hour time weighted average (TWA).

Employers must take action to review control measures once respirable silica dust reaches 0.0125mg/m3 as an 8hr TWA.