Union training and safety drives our world’s best industry

The standard of training provided by the CFMEU Education and Training Unit and the safety standards and compliance demanded by our officials is among the best in the world.

We know it, our students and members know it, and now it has been confirmed by the McKinsey Global Institute in an independent report.

The McKinsey Global Institute found that Australia’s construction industry is among the world’s best and one of just a handful of developed countries where labour productivity is increasing.

Moreover, the report commended the Australian construction industry for its low levels of corruption.

The CFMEU featured in one of their case studies, with the report noting:

“Unionised frontline workers are paid well and receive skills training, attracting better talent than in other countries.”

“Because unions insist on high safety standards, Australian construction projects are meticulously planned to avoid labour issues. The industry also has strong middle management.”

“Potentially bearing down on high productivity is the fact that companies sometimes employ lower-skilled subcontractors at lower wages, only to hire higher-skilled, higher-paid subcontractors for rework.”

This is high praise and our industry. Our CFMEU Education and Training Unit and Union Safety Officials have good reason to be proud.

Trying to cut corners with cheap, low quality training and low skill, low wage labour only costs more in the end.

It’s critical to our industry and the lives of our Members that our high standards of safety, skills and training are maintained.

We’ve always put the safety of our Members first and we’ve always focused on the highest possible quality training. Now we know that’s what makes our industry world-beating when it comes to productivity.

Our job isn’t done. With apprentice numbers dropping across the country, our position as one of the world’s best is under threat.

As well as fighting to increase apprenticeship opportunities, we have begun a campaign to license our trades.

Licensing our trades, just as plumbers and electricians have done, will protect jobs, ensure our industry remains highly skilled and maintain standards in our industry. It will also see us beating the world for years to come.

Contact the CFMEU Education and Training Unit or our Safety Unit for more information: 03 9341 3444

Training course information is on our website: vic.cfmeu.org/training


John Setka