Liberals' hatred of unions is an attack on you

Tony Abbott is well known for attacking workers, unions, women, terminally ill people and rubbishing the unemployed. On top of that, along with other notable Liberal politicians, he is out to get us.

Protecting Grocon
If there’s any doubt about this, let’s look at their words and actions over the last few months. Premier Napthine accused us of being ‘beneath contempt’ when, as part of our safety rally on April 30, we had a minutes’ silence at the Grocon site on Swanston Street and at the Myer Emporium site for the four people who lost their lives in the space of two months. How anyone can label the paying of respect for the loss of life as ‘beneath contempt’ is beyond me.

In the aftermath of the tragic wall collapse not one word of criticism of Grocon was heard from any Liberal politician.

Then Napthine and Federal Coalition Shadow Minister Eric Abetz started a smear campaign against us, claiming  there were alliances between the CFMEU and outlaw bikie gangs. None of their claims, which were plastered across the tabloid press, were substantiated with any evidence or proof.

Former Howard Government Minister Peter Reith - the 'mastermind' behind the Waterfront dispute who was found to have deliberately spread lies about refugees throwing their children overboard, as well as giving a government phone to his son who ran up a $50,000 bill -  has also had his say. He wants a Royal Commission into the CFMEU.

Which side is your bread buttered on?
Tony Abbott has vowed, ‘with every breath of his political body’ to restore the ABCC and to ‘restore it with vigour’. He hates the CFMEU because we are strong union that delivers superior pay and conditions for our members.

He doesn’t like thisbecause it means less power to his rich mates in the big end of town – mates like Gina Rinehart, who earns $1million every 30 minutes but likes the fact that Africans work for $2 a day.

Rinehart knows which side her bread is buttered on.

We do too. And it’s not the Liberals.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet talking, born again nice guy image that Tony Abbott is trying to portray. He will never back you or me.


John Setka